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HydroGEL update for JetBlack indoor trainers

JetBlack Fluid HydroGEL

17th November 2010

Claiming to reduce noise by 55% and tyre wear by 25-30%, the new HydroGEL roller features on JetBlack’s new £200 Z1 model as well as the less expensive Fluid model we liked in our recent review.

fitness: Drink aware

drink aware 2 - chris watson

“Call it quits and you’ll be barracked for being a party-pooping lightweight; carry on and there’s no telling where or when the evening will end — or what state you’ll be in come the morning.”

fitness: Don’t stop me now

Don't Stop Me Now

Autumnal weather and shorter days don’t have to put a stop to your cycling. With a bit of planning you’ll have some great rides and storm into the new season fitter than ever.

fitness: Silver cyclists – it’s never too late

Fitness - Silver Cyclists / Phil O'Connor

6th November 2010

Cycling is an ideal fitness activity for older people and you shouldn’t think the opportunity has passed by. Valerie and Ken both started late but are catching up fast.

fitness: Beat the bugs

Beat the bugs

1st November 2010

If it seems like everyone around you is sneezing and sniffling, why not take some steps to bolster your immune system and avoid catching their colds ?

Challenge your fitness, not your friendship

Challenge Your Fitness Not Your Friendship

Don’t let differences in fitness or strength sour a riding relationship. Rebecca Charlton suggests a few quick tips to create cycling harmony on your Sunday ride

Hip, Hip Hooray!

Gill Moon Hip Hip Hooray

10th October 2010

Meet 65-year-old Gill Moon who had a double hip surgery and has now cycled 425Km around India.

Crunch time: 100 or bust

Nicola & Gareth Harries

8th October 2010

When we first met Gareth and Nicola Harries earlier this year, road cycling was a foreign discipline to them. They had used neither drop handlebars nor a water bottle on the go.

dig this: Dorset Cereals Simply Delicious Muesli

Dorset Cereals Simply Delicious Muesli

7th October 2010

We love the super-tasty, all-natural, fruit-nut-and-seed-laden stuff that comes out of the Dorset Cereals box.