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UK Cycling: events to watch out for

If you’re hoping to get fighting fit this year, then cycling is the sport to choose. Thanks to the likes of Sir Bradley Wiggins and last years’ Olympic gold medallists, cycling continues to grow from strength to strength, reaching new levels of popularity in 2013; so why not be a part of it?
There are plenty of opportunities to keep you

Urban Cyclists; staying safe on the city streets

If you spend most of your time on two wheels dodging traffic and manoeuvring between buses, it’s likely you’re one of many urban cyclists. While we’d all like to get out in the country and see the best of the UK on the back of our bikes, in reality it’s in amongst the hustle, bustle and smog that we spend

Smash your PBs – setting cycling goals

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Whether you cycle as a tool for weight loss management, to keep fit and push your body to new levels, or just simply for fun, setting yourself goals is a great way to keep yourself motivated. But just how should you be setting these goals?
#1: Be Realistic
As much as a goal needs to

A pain in the knee

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Top tips to help prevent gritty knees
Cycling is a low-impact sport; however, it’s not uncommon for cyclists to suffer knee pain. The repetitive motion could put a strain on the knee and cause aching and inflammation around the joint. In fact, a study revealed 23% of injuries suffered by professional cyclists are registered in the

Tips for safe winter riding

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For some bikers, winter riding is just a no no. As soon as the weather takes a turn for the worse the bike goes into the garage for hibernation until spring. But it doesn’t have to be that way, with the right kit and a little respect for the roads and other road users, riding

Mountain biking in the Southern Hemisphere

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Winter is well and truly upon us. And what does that mean? Wrapping up in your winter cycle clothing and tackling the snow, ice, and frozen or muddy trails. While riding in the winter might not be the simple joy that summer riding is – you’ll need to kit up extensively to avoid

Cycle Accident Statistics & Tips for Staying Safe

UK Cycle Accident Statistics & Tips for Staying Safe

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Provided by Injury Lawyers 4 U – accident specialists

The Adult Playground

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There are many rumours for effective weight loss results but none beats the combination of lots of exercise and eating a healthy, balanced diet. However, many people can be put off by the thought of rigorous exercise and cutting the out some of the foods they love – but losing weight really doesn’t

Kit Advice for Cyclists Bearing the Cold this Winter

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Britain’s biggest ever sporting summer may well be over but ‘Wiggo fever’ is still spreading as the cold sets in.  Those brave enough to take to the wintry roads are heroes in their own right, yet they are not invincible and safety ought to be at the forefront of every cyclist’s mind.
The tectonic plates

Pump up the Protein

We all know how easy it is to put on a little extra padding around your middle during the winter months; even if you’re an avid cyclist those few extra pounds can still creep on what with festive food habits. Why not turn this unwanted extra flab into muscle instead by weight training? To do this you’ll need to increase

Track Cycling – get moving

Track riding can require specialised equipment and you’ll need to learn some new skills, but don’t let that put you off. Evans Cycles bring to you their guide on getting into track cycling with everything you’ll need to know before you set out on your track adventure.
How can I go about starting?
You don’t need to worry too much about developing

Europe’s top cycle rides

If you’re thinking of getting a few more routes under your belt and exploring the continent on the back of your road bike, the first place to start is with this guide to Europe’s top cycle rides from Evans Cycles. 
We all get inspired by the Tour de France. Whether to kick start a new hobby, to get back on the

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