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gear reviews

Ford Tourneo Connect: classy bike lugger

Ford Tourneo Connect

We take a look at Ford’s new Tourneo Connect to see how it copes with lugging a bike or two

7 of the best summer cycling reads

Summer cycling books

If you’re not actually riding bikes, you could be reading about them — we review a selection of books covering everything from adventure touring to aerodynamic efficiency

7 of the best crash hats

7 of the best crash hats

When you just want to stay safe on the daily commute, full-on roadie lids can seem like overkill. Here’s seven quirky crash-hats that will protect your head without screaming ‘speed freak’

7 of the best: Insulated bottles

7 of the best insulated bottles

When it’s freezing out you fancy a hot cuppa and when it’s roasting you fancy cold refreshments, right? Choose the right beverage receptacle to get optimum liquid libations out on the bike

7 of the best winter gloves

7 of the best winter gloves

Nothing ruins a ride so quickly as freezing, numb fingers but sweat-soaked palms aren’t exactly an invitation to ride either. So how should you keep your hands happy this winter? Read on…

Seven of the best: GPS watches

GPS watches grouptest

If you want to monitor and record your rides via satellite tracking, a GPS watch allows you to do just that, without the expense and technical complexity of a bar-mounted, map-plotting unit

7 of the best road shoes

7 of the best road shoes

You work hard pushing your pedals round, so you don’t want any of that energy wasted because of flimsy soles. Militate against that risk by investing in a pair of securely-fitting, rigid road shoes

7 of the best £50 cycle helmets

7 of the best £50 helmets

When you’re out on your bike it makes sense to protect your bonce with a helmet. It makes even more sense to spend less than £50. Combine the two and you’re onto a real winner

7 of the best: Bike locks

7 of the best bike locks

Lock it or lose it — our selection of bike security products is the key to your peace of mind

7 of the best: Recessed cleat shoes

7 of the best shoes

Do you want the efficiency of clipless pedalling without feeling like a penguin in tap shoes every time you step off the bike? Read on…

7 of the best: Cycling-related pop songs

7 of the best: Cycling-related pop songs

Ageing rocker Matt Lamy gets in the groove with seven great cycling-related tunes — just don’t expect too much from the last 20 years to be included

Qimmiq goes live

QimmiQ sachet

Natural energy gel range from Qimmiq that can by opened one-handed simply by bending it in the middle

7 of the best: Close clearance mudguards

Mudguard test main pic

They’re hardly bling, but if you want to ride through winter in comfort, a good set of fenders is a must. We’ve rounded up the best

7 of the best: Front lights

7 of the best front lights

It’s easy to get a bit down in the dumps when it gets dark, but our selection of front lights ought to leave you beaming

7 of the best: Saddles

7 of the best saddles

A comfy saddle can make the difference between a dream ride and a nightmare. We’ve reviewed seven, so take your seats…

7 of the best: mini pumps

7 of the best mini pumps

Small enough to pop in your back pocket, yet powerful enough to get you close to 100psi, the mini-pump has its work cut out. We sort the hot ticket items from those blowing hot air

7 of the best: premium winter tyres


Neil Webb offers help and advice on selecting fast winter road bike tyres. There’s more to it than you think if you want to stay rubber side down.

7 of the best: premium helmets £70 – £110

Rudy Project Sterling

A guide through the pitfalls of buying a good helmet, starting with advice to try on as many as possible. Not all heads are the same shape, says Austin Mills

7 of the best: clip-on mudguards

Topeak DeFender

7th November 2010

For November and winter riding, a timely run-down by Neil Webb of the special mudguard sets designed to quickly clip on and off your racing bike.

7 of the best: bike carriers

7 of the Best Bike Carriers

29th October 2010

Load ‘em up and roll ‘em out. Matt Lamy tests car bike racks to see which you can rely on and them that will drive you crazy.

7 of the best: high power front lights

Hope Vision 2

Rebecca Charlton tries a Magnificent Seven high-powered front lights that are tough enough to survive the darkest lanes and meanest streets.

7 of the best: CO2 inflators

7 of the Best CO2 inflators

Seven of the best CO2 cartridge systems appraised and rated by Dan Duguid, who thinks there’s a place for CO2 in everyone’s seat pack.

7 of the best: indoor trainers

7 of the best indoor trainers

2nd September 2010

Indoor trainers enable you to keep riding even when the weather outdoors is foul. You can concentrate on quality over quantity with a proper workout programme and listen to your favourite tunes. What’s not to like, says Stu Bowers.